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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kniitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally

Yesterday I went to Ally Pally, (for anyone not in England this is Alexander palace in North London) with some of  the members of the Lutterworth branch of the EG.
The result is that I came home very poor but happy and  today I can hardly put one foot in front of the other! :-)
Because I knew I had a lot of walking to do I didn't take my 'proper' camera with me, but decided to manage with my phone camera. In truth, I am a bit ashamed of some of these photos but at a big exhibition it's always a problem taking shots while being jostled by the crowd and of course, as I had my wheeled walker with me, I was holding people up. I bet people were glad when I left!
I have decided to show my eclectic mix of photos for those who can't get there to see the wonderful work on show.
Where I know the artist's nme I have added it and I apologise to those whose names are omitted.

The first two were on the 4 x 4 group's stand

 Margaret Talbot

 Mr X Stitch's work on metal
The next four were on John Allan's stand

The next two were Sue Walton's work on the Jabberwocky stand with Ann Small, this was all such fun!

I am struggling to remember which stand this the following inages were from but I think it is the New Embroidery Group

 Plastc Pool

 Blue Horizon

 Peggy Field, Tulips in my garden

 Peggy Field Tree Tops

 Jae Marris
When we came out to catch the coach home it was a gloriuosly sunny, but very cold, afternoon and there are specatcular views right across North London to the City Of London. If you look hard at the buildings on the horizon you can see the new building there , which I think is nicknamed 'the needle'
appropriately enough  to be seen from a stitching show!

 Love those lamp posts

 The decorated outside of the building 

My neice Ann Divine in the forground schlepping her illgotten gains from the sales halls! Good job you can't see my array of goodies


  1. Thanks for letting me share the atmosphere of AP with you. Some lovely work there. Loved MT's work. I, actually seen the car door many times as she had a most inspiring exh. In Llandudno.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them... sorry for the quality :-)
    Yes I like that one of Margaret's. I wonder what she will be doing at Grasmere?

  3. I love your new colour scheme D.

    1. Thanks M I really must find time to keep the Blog up to date. Sorry.

  4. hehe, thankx for the comment Dorothy :)