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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kniitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally

Yesterday I went to Ally Pally, (for anyone not in England this is Alexander palace in North London) with some of  the members of the Lutterworth branch of the EG.
The result is that I came home very poor but happy and  today I can hardly put one foot in front of the other! :-)
Because I knew I had a lot of walking to do I didn't take my 'proper' camera with me, but decided to manage with my phone camera. In truth, I am a bit ashamed of some of these photos but at a big exhibition it's always a problem taking shots while being jostled by the crowd and of course, as I had my wheeled walker with me, I was holding people up. I bet people were glad when I left!
I have decided to show my eclectic mix of photos for those who can't get there to see the wonderful work on show.
Where I know the artist's nme I have added it and I apologise to those whose names are omitted.

The first two were on the 4 x 4 group's stand

 Margaret Talbot

 Mr X Stitch's work on metal
The next four were on John Allan's stand

The next two were Sue Walton's work on the Jabberwocky stand with Ann Small, this was all such fun!

I am struggling to remember which stand this the following inages were from but I think it is the New Embroidery Group

 Plastc Pool

 Blue Horizon

 Peggy Field, Tulips in my garden

 Peggy Field Tree Tops

 Jae Marris
When we came out to catch the coach home it was a gloriuosly sunny, but very cold, afternoon and there are specatcular views right across North London to the City Of London. If you look hard at the buildings on the horizon you can see the new building there , which I think is nicknamed 'the needle'
appropriately enough  to be seen from a stitching show!

 Love those lamp posts

 The decorated outside of the building 

My neice Ann Divine in the forground schlepping her illgotten gains from the sales halls! Good job you can't see my array of goodies

Monday, 8 October 2012

Flowers For You

Hi There.
This week I went over to Wyboston in Bedfordshire to a Designbytes (local group of the Computer Textile Design Group)  meeting at my friend Joan Brass's home and found these lovely flowers in her garden. I particularly loved the dahlias, which to me speak of this time of the year.

Does anyone know what this shrub is called please?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Screen Printing workshop at the E.G with Ricki Outis

This was another really enjoyable workshop with the Lutterworth E.G. where the tutor was Ricki Outis.
I decided to stick with one motif for the whole session and chose to work with a pear.
Then this was used for various techniques. Firstly I drew and cut out a pear shape in paper and screened with the stencil or with the cut out pear or a combination. We tried layering in different ways. Drew directly on the screen with charcoal and then screened that. Finally I stencilled the motif several times on the bottom of a cotton drill apron.
These are all now heat set and waiting for stitching to be added.... I will blog about those later.
meantime here is a selection of the work from everyone while it was drying on the line outside.

Above is my pear apron

Here are two pulls of my charcoal image and a third which is very feint but I have overprinted it.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Workshop at the E.G with Angie Hughes

I had  a most enjoyable workshop from Angie Hughes today on basic machine embroidery.
Most there were pretty much beginners and I haven't really done nay since well before I moved house three years ago. So it felt good to get back to the beginning and I need to get much more practice to catch up again.
It was not relaly possible to take pictures whie we were all working but here is a small selection right at the end when we had a show and tell.
They are all vaguely landscapes and mine was inspired but a poto of bulb fields.
Lots more work needed on them though.

The last one is mine.

Friday, 28 September 2012

I have been playing with a new (to me) app on the iPad

Here are a few examples of my trial of iOrnament. It's fun and could be taken into PS Elements for more work.

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Joint Project

Last year a friend and I decided we wanted to do a project together and having discussed it we settled on a book box. So I bouhgt four wooden book boxes from the Craft Barn and sent two to her and kept two.
The idea was that we could practice on one and then send the other on, so we each ended up with two.
I had a lovely surprise one day when the Postie brought me Pat's contibution. Here are some shots I took of it. In the draw are some beaytiful ATC's
I am highly delighted with it and now I have to get on and finish mine. I know what I want to do but I have to manufacture some time first!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Finishing UFO's

A few weeks ago my SIL wanted something to do so I asked her to finish off a lovely Lavender and Lace picture that I had started several years ago. I had completed the red dress before I put it aside for a new interest (as is my wont! ) and she has now completed it for me. Isn't she beautiful?
The design is called Celtic Christmas.
Here she is all framed and with a detail......