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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Screen Printing workshop at the E.G with Ricki Outis

This was another really enjoyable workshop with the Lutterworth E.G. where the tutor was Ricki Outis.
I decided to stick with one motif for the whole session and chose to work with a pear.
Then this was used for various techniques. Firstly I drew and cut out a pear shape in paper and screened with the stencil or with the cut out pear or a combination. We tried layering in different ways. Drew directly on the screen with charcoal and then screened that. Finally I stencilled the motif several times on the bottom of a cotton drill apron.
These are all now heat set and waiting for stitching to be added.... I will blog about those later.
meantime here is a selection of the work from everyone while it was drying on the line outside.

Above is my pear apron

Here are two pulls of my charcoal image and a third which is very feint but I have overprinted it.


  1. sounds like a fun day and some lovely work produced, Frances x

  2. Thanks Frances. I really enjoyed the day.

  3. Dorothy, those are really fun and I love the pear idea. I love printing, though mine is usually done on paper, and these are going to give you a lot of directions to go one further...

    1. Hi Jordi, Thank you, it was a most enjoyable workshop and good to hear an expert's opinion! :-)
      I am going to take them with me to Grasmere to work on some more. I want to do some on paper too, but that will have to wait a little while as I am working on my house book at the moment.

  4. You surely are having a good time there Dorothy. By the way, when will be the next screen printing workshop? It looks interesting and fun that is why I am decided to join.

  5. I love your idea of printing owned pear design in your apron. I'm sure you are proud of all your design.

  6. I love these prints and lovely to find your blog through Dionne's workshop.

  7. Thank you Maura. I really enjoy screen printing and she was a great tutor.